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Algae Relief will clear and clean lakes the natural way, by removing algae with microbes (meaning we don't use chemicals). Restoring the lake to its natural balance. This makes Algae Relief a safe way to control algae without harm to fish and plants.

In only ONE gram of Algae Relief there are 5 billion cells that will work on the algae.

Algae Relief is a natural, non-toxic, biological product designed to solve the problem of excessive nutrient content in contained bodies of water. When added to a lake, pond or other area of contained water, Algae Relief will quickly populate the affected area and help breakdown excessive organic matter and nutrient runoff, improve water clarity (remove green water), reduce odors and restore a natural balance to the ecosystem. Algae Relief is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product and is non-toxic to humans, fish, beneficial aquatic organisms and wildlife. The safe algae remover (blanket weed remover through food comp-edition).

How Does Algae Relief Affect Water

Algae Relief reduces Nitrites, Nitrate Phosphorus and suppresses algae growth. Water clarity is increased and potential invasive species is controlled. Risk of oxygen depletion through transpiration is reduced. While phytoplankton through photosynthesis, will raise dissolved oxygen saturation during daylight hours, the dense population of bloom reduces dissolved oxygen saturation during the night. If oxygen depletion progresses to hypoxia, then fish kills can occur.

The bacteria within Algae Relief becomes food for higher organisms e.g. Amoeba. This in turn becomes a food source for Daphnia which is part of the natural food chain for many fish, like brown trout, use as their primary food. Almost any freshwater ecosystem is dependent on Daphnia's ability to convert phytoplankton and decaying matter into a more usable form. (not blue/green algae).